How to Consume Anavar For Getting Desired Muscle Gains?

How to Consume Anavar For Getting Desired Muscle Gains?

Anavar, also called Oxandrolone, is another very beneficial steroid that is taken to increase the muscle strength of a person. It works by enhancing the endurance of the body and building denser and bigger muscles in the body. It is a powerful and the most harmless anabolic steroids that are used in the cutting phase. It helps speed up intensive weight reduction in the body.

Let us learn more about the advantages, dosage, and cycles of Anavar steroids.

Benefits of Using and Buying Anavar

The biggest benefit of Anavar for sale in the USA is the heightened safety it offers to the user. This makes it ideal for bodybuilders and for those who are starting to indulge in athletic sports or physical activities.  This quality is found in only a few anabolic steroids, and Anavar is one of them.

Var activates the secretion of creatine phosphate in the body. This steroid favorably impacts the development of muscle strength. The steroid performs several specific tasks after the pre-competition phase in bodybuilding. Anavar helps to develop an ideal body with incredibly dry and cut muscles. The steroid is seen to increase protein synthesis, one density, muscle growth, and mass in the body.

It is beneficial in the restoration of adenosine triphosphate to its normal state in the body. The steroid blocks the catabolic hormone receptors called “cortisol”. It impacts the calcium balance and restores the reserves of calcium, and magnesium in the body. The steroid accelerates the fat burning process and develops muscle endurance and strength in the body.

Proper administration and dosage of Oxandrolone for sale

The dosage of Oxandrolone depends on your objective. If the primary objective of taking the steroid is to enhance the hardness and definition of muscles, then the steroid cycle should not be below eight weeks. It is advised to begin with 20 mg of this steroid per day. This dose could below for a few users.  Spread the dose throughout the day in the morning and afternoon. If you do not see any negative effects during the cycle, you can run this cycle for more than eight weeks.

  • Professional athletes who wish to use Anavar in their re-contest or cutting phase can take up to 80mg per day for 8 to 12 weeks. Divide the dose into three parts and take it in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • For muscle definition, take 30 to 50 mg per day for six to eight weeks. To ‘cut’ the body, consume Anavar with Trenbolone in not more than 150 mg per week or Oxandrolone with Primobolan from 200 to 300 mg for a week.
  • For mass gain, consume Anavar with Nandrolone decanoate from 200 to 400 mg per week.

Proper PCT

Post-cycle therapy with Oxandrolone isn’t needed but it is recommended to execute it. You can consider Clomid or Tamoxifen for PCT and run it for approximately three weeks. 

The Best Oxandrolone Cycle for sale in the USA

anavar cycle

Beginners should consume 20 mg Anavar per day and run a cycle for 6-4 weeks. Professional athletes can take up to 80mg Anavar per day for eight to twelve weeks. Experienced athletes can increase the time duration of the cycle to even twelve weeks.

If your objective is to increase weight and strength of the anabolic steroid, then stack Anavar with other anabolic steroids that comprise of powerful androgens.  Gains and results are more visible when you stack anabolic steroids in a cycle.

The combination of Anavar with Masteron gives you the perfect high-quality definition and muscle mass. This cycle of Oxandrolone with Masteron gives a combination of an injectable and a steroid oral steroid.

Advice for females

Oxandrolone is generally safe and mild steroid for women. Even for the large dosage of this steroid, you would not develop secondary male sexual characteristics that include an increase in body or facial hair growth, and a rough or harsh voice.

This steroid can help them develop a decent amount of muscle in a small time. Start with 5 mg for a week, and increase it to 10 mg in the second week. Increase it to 20 mg in the third week for two months.


Anavar can work miracles to both professionals and beginner level steroid users. It does not drastically suppress the natural production of testosterone hormone in the body.

Regular intake of the steroid will cause a reduction in body fat but muscle density remains well preserved. Consume it within permissible limits to see the desired gains without experiencing side effects in the body.

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