How To Use and where to buy Primobolan To Gain Denser And Stronger Muscles

How To Use and where to buy Primobolan To Gain Denser And Stronger Muscles

Androgen and anabolic steroid named “Methenolone” is commercially sold by the name of Primobolan. Due to its mild nature in comparison to various other steroids, it is easily tolerated by people.

Methenolone is an artificially prepared androstane steroid that is derived from dihydrotestosterone hormone in the body. It has a modified structure of this testosterone by-product and comprises of a binary bond at carbon atoms one and two of the latter.

Here, in the article, we are going to provide you all the necessary information pertaining to Metenolone enanthate for sale such as its benefits, dosage, solo cycle, stacking, etc.

What are the benefits of Primobolan?

Primobolan is methenolone acetate that is popularly used by competitive athletes to enhance their performance, and muscle development. It is a legal anabolic steroid that is available in the form of oral consumption.

Buy Primobolan enables the competitor to improve their abilities. It is a major element that promotes performance enhancement in competitive sports.

  • The basic objective for which Primobolan was designed was to prevent muscle wasting in fatally ill patients.
  • This steroid is beneficial for the treatment of malnutrition, and osteoporosis.
  • It maximizes the synthesis of protein in the body to maximize their athletic performance.
  • Primobolan also aids to develop leaner muscle mass without ‘bulking up’. Due to this quality, many female athletes prefer it over other steroids. Primobolan does not give you a bulky body, but it can make you stronger.
  • Due to the development of lean muscle mass, Primobolan helps increase fat loss in the body.
  • This steroid also enhances the immunity function to a substantial extent. It allows the user to get stronger and stay healthier for a longer time.

What is proper administration and dosage of Primobolan for sale?

The dose of this steroid can be different for men and women. Men should consume Primobolan for not more than eight weeks at a time. The ideal dose for men is between 100mg to 150mg per day.

This dosage has been found effective in enhancing the performance of athletes. Women are recommended to take 25mg to 50mg of the steroid daily for a maximum duration of four to six weeks.

The right time is to consume it ten minutes before the meal. Evaluate your level of tolerance and adjust the dosage accordingly.  This can differ from one person to another. Consuming the dose in this way prevents the fluctuations of blood plasma levels and also enhance the efficacy of the steroid. After one week, increase the dosage and divide it into two to three doses.

Proper Primo PCT

PCT is an essential process that every steroid user should execute after finishing the cycle of steroids. It helps their body to return to its normal state and begin producing hormones again.

Without PCT, the hormone levels may never come back to normal levels and it may require you to undergo hormone replacement therapy. You can perform PCT using Clomid or Novaldex immediately after your steroid cycle.

Buy Primobolan Solo Cycle and Combination With Other Steroids

Primobolan is quite safe and doesn’t cause any side effects even when consumed for a year. However, if your objective is to enhance performance then do not run it beyond eight-weeks. In the case of females, they should run it for a maximum of six-weeks.

For men who have just started consuming steroids, should consume 100mg per day and can gradually increase the amount to 150mg or 200mg per day in the following cycles.

400mg per week of Primobolan is seen to provide great results. Advanced steroid users can consume this dose to see excellent results. Women can observe appreciable gains when consumed 50mg of the oral version per week and around 150mg of the injectable version per week.

To get optimized results, you can combine or stack Primobolan with another potent anabolic steroid,”Dianabol”.

Advice for females

Metenolone enanthate is ideal for females to accomplish their bodybuilding goals. It does not cause any side effects when consumed for an extended duration.

However, when you are consuming it in a performance enhancement cycle, you should run it for not more than six weeks as after this period the possibilities of masculinization increase. Female athletes who have earlier used this steroid have reported excellent results with 25mg to 50mg doses every day.


Primobolan is a popular performance enhancement steroid that many bodybuilders prefer to combine it with other anabolic steroids to optimize its impact and result in the body. Though it is mild, when consumed in large amounts can cause undesired side effects too.

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