Buy Testosterone Enanthate in USA – How to Use and What are its Effects on the Human Body

Buy Testosterone Enanthate in USA – How to Use and What are its Effects on the Human Body

Testosterone is the male sex organ in humans. It controls mood swings and sexual reaction in the male body. Some people suffer from low testosterone in the body. This may cause hypogonadism, which is when your testicles stop producing testosterone. 

Testosterone enanthate is an anabolic steroid used by men to increase the testosterone levels in their body. It is also used as a performance-enhancing drug and is banned by almost all sports leagues. Most bodybuilders use this drug to look fit and well-built. 

It is one of the oldest and the most common drug used by men. It is an ester to testosterone and increases the testosterone levels in the body. It is marketed by brand-names like Androfil, Delatestryl, Durathane, Testanon, Testrin, and in many other names. You must make sure that you consult your doctor before taking this drug. 

What is Testosterone Enanthate?

Order Testosterone enanthate is a schedule III drug, used for curing men with LowT levels. Lack of testosterone in the body can cause mood swings, erectile dysfunction, lack of sex drive, infertility, loss of body hair, low RBC count, and many other problems. 

This drug is very convenient to use by beginners who want to try anabolic steroids. It has a long half-life and takes time to act, which makes it perfect for beginners. 

How does it help?

This drug helps in therapies like testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in males who suffer from hypogonadism. It is also seen that older men with symptoms of LowT also benefit from TRT as the testosterone levels decrease in men above the age of 50 years. It can also be used in anti-aging therapies in men. 

As a flexible steroid, it can also be used by bodybuilders for bulking and cutting cycles. It will only benefit you if you are eating a healthy diet. It is a steroid that can serve the purpose of supplementation. It is a starting point for beginners who wish to take other anabolic steroids as it has only mild reaction when compared to other steroids from this family.

Medicinal Benefits of Using Test Enanthate

The following are the benefits of using test enanthate:

  • High testosterone levels
  • Frequent erections
  • Growth of body hair
  • Muscle growth
  • Mood swings
  • Breast enlargement

Dosage – Medical perspective

The maximum dosage of this drug is 400mg once in two weeks. The initial dosage to cure hypogonadism can be anywhere from 50-400 mg every two-four weeks. 

For delayed male puberty, the dosage can be anywhere from 5 to 200mg every two to four weeks continued up to four to six months.

For metastatic breast cancer, the dosage would be anywhere from 200 to 400 mg once every two to four weeks. For transgender hormone therapy, 50 to 200mg per week can be taken.

These drugs are not approved to cure and treat the above problems. They can only help with reducing symptoms.

Cutting and Bulking Testosterone Enanthate Cycle

During the cutting cycle, you might have to restrict the calorie intake as the body needs to burn fat. For the bulking cycle, you must take extra calories along with the steroid to maximize the growth of muscles.

Cycle length

There are no restrictions on the length of the cycle of testosterone enanthate. It might last for twelve weeks or longer. It depends on what you want from this steroid.

Dosage per cycle

People who take a 14-week cycle can take 250mg twice a week. It makes it 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week. 

You can also try starting your cycle with a low end by taking 200mg for the first week followed by 400-500mg per week during the rest of the cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

People undergo PCT once they finish a cycle of steroids. The main objective of taking PCT is that your body must get back to normal internally to take another cycle of steroids.

You can take Clomid at 50mg per day for four to six weeks during the PCT after using Testosterone Enanthate. If you prefer Nolvadex, you can take 20mg per day for four to six weeks. 

Can women take this?

Well, women, except the ones who are pregnant, can buy testosterone enanthate in the US and it provides exceptional results on the female body. Female bodybuilders and athletes can take this steroid and just like for men, the cycle length is not fixed for women as well. It depends on their training and capacity.

During the process, if you suffer from severe side effects, visit your doctor. Do not take this steroid without consulting your doctor.

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